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Real Nubia Tours a long established business and providing a quality services to our customers since 2006.

With 14 years of experience we can guarantee the best of available tours, destinations, dining experiences, flight, visa support and other travel services in Sudan.

Real Nubia Tours provides most comprehensive services and custom tours.

Travel Guides

All of our employees are highly experienced and knowledgeable. We have a wide range of experience in managing groups by Western Standards in the order to fulfill the needs of the most demanding customers.


Our agency support your trip with a number of 4×4 vehicles (Toyota Land Cruiser, Nissan Patrol etc.) all equipped for desert expeditions, seating arrangements could change from 3 to 4 passenger depending on the vehicle. All of our drivers also have a mechanical knowledge, so in case of any unforseen troubles with the vehicle, they are ready to deal with the situation right on the spot to avoid any possible delays.

Highlights of our destinations

  • Jebel Barkal
  • Meroe Pyramids
  • Archaeological Sites of the Island of Meroe
  • Old Dongola
  • The Forgotten Kingdom of Kerma and Its Incredible Deffufas
  • Nuri Pyramids
  • Kerma
  • Soleb Temple
  • Sai Island
  • Port Sudan
  • Nubian Desert
  • and many other custom destinations around Sudan.